No, fares are the same, regardless of vehicle type and model.

Yes, as long as the taxi is in service and available (green light), and it’s not close to a taxi stand (less than 25 metres) with other taxis or users waiting for service.

The agreed supplement is included in the approved fees, and it covers management and infrastructure costs for booking the service, plus the taxi drivers’ journey to the user’s location with an empty vehicle.

Yes, all taxis accept cards.

Yes. It’s the mobile app “Pidetaxi,” available for Android, IOS and BlackBerry.

Vehicles usually have 5 seats, so 4 passengers are allowed. However, some vehicles have more seats (6, 7, 8 and even 9), where more passengers may travel. These can be pre-booked by calling Teletaxi San Fermín’s telephone numbers: 948 232300 / 948 351335.

Fares are regulated by the Municipal Association of the Pamplona Region (MCP), and may be consulted here on MCP’s website.


Eurotaxis are vehicles adapted for people with disabilities. For example, they are wheelchair accessible. The taxi fleet in the Pamplona Region currently has 25 such vehicles.

You must contact your local town hall (ayuntamiento), where they will inform you of the requirements to qualify for the card.

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